A Walk For A Talk

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Breezes are cheering me
To take a stroll outside
Cuddling my ears
Preparing me to embrace
The noticeable calmness

Ruffling leaves are lauding
My courage to walk
Against all odds from
Within and outside by
Addressing it candidly

Sound of falling leaves
On the lap of the ground
Assures me that everything
Will fall in place as someone
Is eternally there to catch

Chirping of birds celebrates
With me my trivial triumphs
Which doesn’t need to be
Acknowledged by anyone
Other than my soul

Nodding grass is stopping me
From making wrong decisions
That can damage me
And my entity in this
Competitive world of humans

Demands from my children
Riding on their scooters
Are motivating me to keep on
Walking and talking further
Till the end of my life road

Smile of amiable strangers
Are greeting me to
Have a nice lovely day
That impels me to believe
In my potentials to fulfill it

A walk for a talk repaired
Me and my perspectives
By removing the fastened
Strings of ignorance
And narrow thinking cord

The neur



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Krupa Darji

Krupa Darji

A Dutiful Daughter, Beautiful and Wonderful Wife, Mindful Mother of two, Powerful Physical Therapist and Worthy Women.