Drop of Rain

“On the dark chilling dusk
The clouds and thunders
Intimidated me with the menu
Of full-fledged dinner of blunders
Which appeared transparent
On a dramatic drop of rain
Despite the translucency
Switched my obsession from
The drop to the downpour
To fully acknowledge that
Bygones will be bygones

It felt so heavy to hold
A drop of water on my head
That collapsed my heart
In the abyss of gluttony
Of my dangling desires
Until a drop of shower again
Knocked over on my head
That made me revisit
To avoid similar missteps
On the prospective menu
Of the dinner for prosperity

On the bright shining dawn
The rays amidst the clouds
Assured me with the menu
Of full-fledged lunch of perfection
Which appeared to capture
Rumbling rainbow of reflection
Through a dazzling drop of rain
Along with the charming colors
It splashed me with
Storm of positivity and zeal
Washing off the gloom

I felt like a feather
When the surge of wind
Drifted me in the sky
Along the path of rainbow
Full of my sizzling satisfaction
Until a drop of moisture
Pounded on my heart
That made me choose
Fun-packed lunch bags
Composed of acceptance and love”



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Krupa Darji

Krupa Darji

A Dutiful Daughter, Beautiful and Wonderful Wife, Mindful Mother of two, Powerful Physical Therapist and Worthy Women.