Evolve by being our own critics

W e are expert critics when it is something pertained to others and not us. Have we ever tried to criticize ourselves or our actions done throughout the day? Some might say it is executed every day before going to bed. Some might say it is achieved in the morning before starting the new day. Some might say why to hit a hammer on our own foot and feel unsatisfactory. Some might say all my actions are adequate and don’t need to be analyzed at all. Some try to avert it as they are occupied deciphering others and their actions. We might be in one or more facets as we hop on the bumpy life ride, depending on the moments we live. However, those who have a habit of scouring their own faults every day tend to enrich themselves unknowingly. How? By doing so, it instigates the upheavals that we always aspire for. Such as —

Rectifying the mistakes —

A mistake can be amended once known. Finding out the error is the initial step in rectifying it. Unless we are aware of what went wrong, we aren’t able to repair it. What else can best help to awaken our consciousness other than exploring! We can be an excellent analyzer for our own mistakes. When we realize we are hungry, then we go to the kitchen, cook food, and eat. Same way, when we learn about our mistakes, then we have an opportunity to correct it, if conceivable. When we hurt someone by our words or actions, then we can ask for forgiveness, and do something to render them contentment. When we deceive someone due to our greediness, then we can ask forgiveness and do something to render them generosity. In any case, if we decry ourselves and incline to rectify our missteps, then we can.

Evading the errors —

As we saw, the blunders from past can be amended, the same way the present and future, errors can be avoided if we are regularly probing our immoralities, and halting it to be one of the means, in our activities. Many times we see our prejudices, greed, anger, ego, and addictions get into our way, and we tend to use them knowingly or unknowingly to wrap up some of the tasks. In this process, many minds are sickened due to which many relationships are obliterated grievously. What is the one way to curtail these depravities that are succeeding in hiding the virtues? By being our critics is the only way to know these vices and fight with them, which eventually helps in averting the errors. It seems to be a lengthy process, although worth working on it, to save our relationships and make people around us happy, which ultimately makes us happy. I can ascertain that from the experience of my guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj, who has beautifully taught us, “In the joy of others lies our own”.

Conquering the flaws —

We saw how avoiding the errors caused by our flaws can help to emerge as a better person. There might be a question provoked that these flaws persist with us till death, so how one can destroy those? Self Critics play a major role in conquering the flaws. We need to sabotage those flaws as if they are our worst enemies, and by any cost, we can’t let them win over us. We need to find faults in those and stay away from that garbage. This all can be done by daily introspection, in which we analyze and denounce it by all means. It is not an easy battle to win and should be in continual. You win one day, and the next day, the crusade resumes again. Proceeding with the combat again to defeat is crucial, and that’s when daily criticizing plays a role.

Enhancing the strengths

Enough of addressing our mistakes, immoralities, and flaws. Now it’s time to feel fortunate about our existence. We possess strengths of virtues along with the deficiencies. Now its time to enhance those by validating every day. We perform lots of duties that stimulate people around us to be happy despite the lack of recognition. Now it’s time to give a pat of accomplishment on our back for what we sacrifice, compromise, and adjust to accommodate others’ emotions and requirements. Acknowledging good elements by self critics can lead to constructive reinforcement for enacting good deeds again and again. Since we can do it by ourselves day to day, why wait for strangers to be the critics.

Don’t you think that the above consequences lead to our evolution physically, mentally, and spiritually? For sure, it does. Fortunately, it just takes one good habit of being our analyst daily. The way we stare at the mirror every single day to check out the wrinkles, pimples, hair loss, hair growth, and different other likelihoods; the same way we need to start peeking inside to criticize our addictions, flaws, and immorality for advancement. It can be excruciating to chastise in the beginning as we are so fond of ourselves. But believe me, a sense of victory over those shows up in no time. Moreover, there is a guarantee of emotional and spiritual growth that carves a reformed personality competent to create wonders. The only applied asterisk is to do it diurnally.

“Let’s evolve
By being a Critic
Daily in our mind
Let’s introspect
By being a naive
To glorify our strengths
Let’s peek within
By seeing through mirror
To discard our defects.
Let’s grow personally,
Emotionally, and spiritually
To be a better person.”



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Krupa Darji

Krupa Darji

A Dutiful Daughter, Beautiful and Wonderful Wife, Mindful Mother of two, Powerful Physical Therapist and Worthy Women.