Express With Caution

Krupa Darji
1 min readAug 17, 2020


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There are a multitude of idioms
That have gained prestige of axioms
On different types of expressions
To guide us to build the impressions.

The skill used in expressing the untold
Will be a riddle forever as we unfold
Through our word emotion and action
Indeed gives everyone a mind traction.

Art of expression is most complicated
As it plays a role that is concentrated
In communication between the learned
Who expects it to be sophisticated.

The expected speech art for the mass
Hard to excel and impossible to surpass
As it contradicts from person to person
Defined by their own bonding season.

When open up without caution
There is guarantee in any nation
Of judgemental remarks station
Even in the railroad of closest relation.

Risk evolved in uttering whatsoever
Headed to offending whomsoever
Stirs the excessive salt in tie impeded
Irreversible with any sweetness added.

Comprehension outweighs the delivery
By putting in personal notion discovery
Despite the vigilance used in utterance
Perception rarely shows any difference.

However communicating with caution
Is favorable for self and kids in action
Motive to fulfill from now onward
To avoid any regrets afterward.



Krupa Darji

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