Silence Sizzles

Scrutinizing the silence
That spoke more than a speech
To disclose the unspoken secrets
Hooked on the opaque hearts
Transforming it to own version
Of translucency and availability

Suffering the silence
That wound more than words
Piercing the overgrown thickness
Of unaccompanied emotions
Induced by the inconsistent
Concept of the contempt

Sustaining the silence
That conveyed more than convention
To gather all the pertinent
Piece of information valuable
In nudging the reconstruction
Of broken heart bridges

Solving the puzzle of silence
That predicted more than pointer
Despite the complexity
It brings along the process
Of untangling the most jammed
Dilemma of being silent

The sizzles of silence
Gave rise to the goosebumps
Either out of excitement
Created by the connection
Or out of indifference
Developed by the disconnection



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Krupa Darji

Krupa Darji

A Dutiful Daughter, Beautiful and Wonderful Wife, Mindful Mother of two, Powerful Physical Therapist and Worthy Women.