Staying Serene

Krupa Darji
1 min readJun 16, 2020


— By choosing our crusades wisely.

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

A pool of battles
Constantly shaping
In our minds
Forcing us to choose
From the turmoil
Twirling inside.

Internal upheavals
Are to scrutinize
The remains of
Decency versus Awfulness
Which is a
Never-ending ordeal.

External uproars
Are to comfort
Our ego and make
Mistakes to the
Level that is
Too Hideous.

Figuring out
Who is right
Instead of
what is right
Is the biggest error
That we make.

Striving to restrain
Errors at the
Minimum count
To always
Prove ourself a
Better leader.

’Follow my lead’
Is life mantra
That we revolve
Around to
Dominate and rule
Our small world.

When our powers
Are not justified,
For whatever reason
Then combats get
Exorbitant and
Accepts a hefty facets.

Unlimited battles
Often are
That needs
Sieving to discard
The Trivial and

Enact to probe
Those, which can
Be averted
As per its nature
And consequences
To Stay serene.



Krupa Darji

A Dutiful Daughter, Beautiful and Wonderful Wife, Mindful Mother of two, Powerful Physical Therapist and Worthy Women.