Wrapped in a Bubble

Snugly wrapped by a bubble
Gives myth of facing no trouble
Proximal to us that lies outside
Trembles the bubble from inside

Comfy enough to stay in a bubble
Enjoying the pleasures with no tumble
That might disrupt if bubble tears
By the wind of uncertainty fears

Being the self is easy in a bubble
By averting encounters most plausible
That can divert from the routine
Shifting the evident path of destine

Staying cautious to expand the bubble
As it might shatter with the pebble
Made of newly entered notion or a soul
With powers to incite or resist the foul

Poking a tiny hole in the bubble
Results in magnification of trouble
Patch of wisdom on the cracking
Renders thicker bubble post healing



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Krupa Darji

Krupa Darji

A Dutiful Daughter, Beautiful and Wonderful Wife, Mindful Mother of two, Powerful Physical Therapist and Worthy Women.